EEM Lab Tips

  • Check that no other EEM process is running before configuring using show event manager policy registered.
  • Create a process with event manager applet MY_PROCESS.
  • Applets are just IF and THEN statements. IF is a match and THEN is an action.
  • The IF Statement: event cli pattern “.*interface loopback.*” sync yes – Here we are looking for somebody typing on the CLI ‘interface loopback’. The [dot/period] means wildcard or anything and the [asterix] means zero or more occurrence of the [dot/period].
  • The THEN Statement: Perform the following commands to shutdown the interface
    • action 1.0 cli command “enable”
    • action 1.1 cli command “configure terminal”
    • action 1.2 cli command “$_cli_msg” (variable to get to the same interface)
    • action 1.3 cli command “shutdown”
  • Verify with debug event manager all

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