Core and Non-Core Lab Tasks

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Typical Core Tasks:

  • Basic VLAN configuration – without this working many of the later tasks will fail.
  • Basic trunk configuration – unless VLANs are transported between switches many later tasks will fail.
  • Basic serial/frame-relay configuration – many later tasks depend on this connectivity.
  • Basic IGP routing – BGP, MPLS, Multicast depend on this.
  • Authentication required to communicate with Back-Bone Router – if authentication is not correctly configured, you will not establish layer-2 and/or routing.
  • BGP/MPLS configuration where other tasks use the MPLS core for connectivity


Typical Non-Core Tasks:

  • Specific STP configuration – as long as basic trunking is working, later tasks can be configured – only points for the STP configuration will be lost.
  • Authentication between YOUR routers/switches – as long as you have connectivity later tasks can work – you would just lose the authentication points.
  • IP services tasks where no other task depends on the IP services to be configured.
  • Security/ACL/QoS tasks where no other task depends on these – be careful, because mis-configured security/QoS can cause other tasks to fail.
  • Multicast tasks where no other service depends on a working multicast network – other tasks such as NTP using a multicast group address could be affected if multicast is not configured or is mis-configured.

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