In-Lab To Do List

  • Do not spend more than 30 minutes reading the lab task and drawing a rough sketch of the network diagram.
  • If you want to test / try something that violates the exam, make sure you save your config, do what it is you want to do and then revert back by using configure replace nvram:startup-config force
  • Use a TCLSH script after redistribution and also once at the end of the lab, especially when doing the security section.
  • If you really can’t do a task at all, then cheat it. Do it the way you know I.e. if it says don’t use a route-map, then use a route-map. This way you’ll loose points for this task but won’t loose points for future tasks that relies on this task working.
  • Don’t spend an excessive amount of time on a non-core task that doesn’t affect critical network operations.
  • Skim read each task and note the task number and in one sentence what you think it is asking for e.g. 3.2 OSPF virtual-links. This will help also connect dependant tasks, e.g. 4,3 MPLS peering relies on 3.3 OSPF loopback advertisements.
  • Create three columns, Column one for task numbers you definitely think you got in the bag, Column two for tasks that you have completely skipped or incomplete and the final column being one that you are not to certain that you have completed correctly.
  • enabled debug ip routing on all routers.

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