Frame Relay Lab Tips

  • Shut down port first and then configure – this can help against unwanted dynamic maps.
  • Set the hub as the DR for everything e.g. PIM, OSPF.
  • Inverse arp and no arp frame to avoid dynamic entries.
  • Show frame map and make sure nothing says ‘dynamic’. If it does, do ‘clear frame map’, reload or remove the encapsulation frame-relay command which removes everything!
  • No Need to do ‘BROADCAST’ from spoke to spoke if going via hub.
  • enable frame-relay switching in global configuration for switching.
  • frame-relay intf-type dce required on the FR Switch to bring the line protocol up.
  • RIP –

– Check hub has broadcast option on map to each spoke.

– Disable split horizon on hub for spoke to spoke comms or – Neighbour statements or GRE tunnel!


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