RIPv2 Written Notes

These are my ‘crib notes’ that I’ve made to serve as a last minute refresher. Please forgive the grammer / spelling as I did not develop these notes with publishing in mind.

RIP & Distance Vector

*** Theory ***

  • Ripv2 – adds MD5 Authentication, External route tags, Multicast route updates and VLSM
  • Interface – configure rip version on per interface basis with config-if ip rip ?
  • Passive-interface
    • Rip – stops RIP updates being adverstised out of that interface
    • Neighbours – use this if you cant use multicast updates
    • Offset list – use this to manipulate metric
    • Distibute list – create an access list with routes you want to hide and then attach to rip via distribute-list [access list] out
    • Redistribute –
      • RIP into EIRGP – You must specify metric so redistribute rip metric 1500 0 255 1 1500
      • Eirgp into RIP – redistribute eirgp 2000 metric 2 (2 hops away)

*** Commands ***



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